Lifetime Warranty (Draft)

Lifetime Warranty (Draft)

$15.00 / Month

Lifetime Warranty

  • Any instrument repair
  • Annual check & recalibration at EI factory
  • 50% off on probes & sensors
  • Send in old EI instrument for 50% off of new one (once a year)


When you’re flying, you never want to doubt the condition of your instruments.

With our products, and this warranty, you never will.

Warranty Features

Your low-cost monthly subscription benefits include:

  • Lifetime, free repairs on your purchased instrument
  • Annual bench-checked & recalibrations of your instrument
  • 50% off probes & sensors when you return a failed probe or sensor
  • Send in your old instrument & trade it in for a new instrument (same model – up to once a year)


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