SR-8A Smart Engine Analyzer

SR-8A Smart Engine Analyzer


  • Non-Primary Replacement
  • 2 1/4″ Flush Mount
  • Monitor Up To 8 Different Temperatures Including EGT, CHT, TIT, OAT, Carb, Cowl, Oil, Plus More.

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FAA Approved Instrument

  • STC’d as non-primary replacement.

Easy To Install & Versatile

  • The SR-8A fits into one of your existing 2 1/4″ holes.
  • Monitor up to 8 temperatures including EGT, CHT, TIT, OAT, Carb Temp, Cowl Temp, Oil Temp and virtually any other temperature.
  • Step through each temperature manually or place the instrument in scan mode.
  • Large, crisp, backlit display, which is viewable in direct sunlight.

Accurate, Dependable & Easy To Use

  • Electronics International consistently has been the leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.
  • Designed and built in the USA.

Automatically finds the hottest EGT or CHT. Factory-set EGT Over-Temp Limit (1,650°F). Factory-set EGT Under-Temp Limit (1,100°F). Factory-set CHT Over-Temp Limit (500°F). Differential Limit set from back panel at 95°F or 195°F.

Retail Prices

All packages include:

  • SR-8A Instrument
  • Operating & Installation Instructions
  • STC with AML
  • Temperature Probes
  • 8′ Extension Cables
Description Package Retail Price
SR-8A Instrument Only SR-8A $498
SR-8A 4-Cylinder Package with 4-EGT (P-110) & 4-CHT (P-100) Probes and 8′ extension cables. SR-8A-4 $1,098
SR-8A 4-Cylinder Package with 4-EGT (P-110) & 3-CHT (P-100) Probes, 1 Piggyback CHT (P-102) Probe and 8′ extension cables.* SR-8A-4G $1,098
SR-8A 6-Cylinder Package with 6-EGT (P-110) & 2-CHT (P-100) Probes and 8′ extension cables. SR-8A-6 $1,098

*SR-8A-4G: this package is designed for 4-cylinder engines with a primary CHT instrument already installed.

Available Options

The SR-8A features 8 input channels. Any of the following options can be added at any time to any unused channel. Each option uses 1 input channel.

OAT or Carb Temp, 1/4″ – 28 thread, 8′ cable, P-128-XCO-8 (add $98)

Secondary Oil Temp, 5/8″ – 18 thread probe, 8′ cable, P-120-XCO-8 (add $98)

Secondary TIT or Oil Temp, 1/8″ NPT adjustable depth, 8′ cable, P-111-XCO-8 (add $98)

Secondary TIT or Oil Temp, 7/16″ – 20 thread adjustable depth probe, 8′ cable, P-112-XCO-8 (add $98)

Secondary TIT or Oil Temp, 1/4″ NPT adjustable depth probe, 8′ cable, P-114-XCO-6 (add $98)


2.5” x 2.5” x 5.35” Deep, 2 1/4” Flush Mount

Instrument: 10 oz
Probes and Cables: 3.5 oz each probe & cable

Power Requirements
7.5 to 30 Volts
Typical: 0.1 amps @ 12 Volts

Intensity Control
Independent control lines allow pilots to adjust the intensity of both the Green Indicator Lights and the LCD Backlight during instrument operations.

Meets TSO C43a