The TR-1 provides a color backlit display panel in a 2″ round standard aircraft mount. It incorporates a needle and a digital display. Display panels can be configured for any function, range and markings.

TR-1 Screen

Configuration Examples:


  • Any one Function can be displayed.
  • Needle and Digital Displays.
  • Auto and External Back Light Control.
  • Data Recording.
  • When interfaced with the BC-5 the TR-1 can display data on almost any digital bus.
  • The TR-1 can be configured to process a signal from almost any transducer, probe or sensor.
  • Scaling and Color Ranges can be configured for any function.
  • FAA TSO’d.
  • Contact Electronics International inc. and let us help you with a configuration that meets your requirements.


2” standard round, 4.23″ long

0.3 Pounds (Instrument Only)

Power Requirements
6 to 55 Volts
Typical: 0.075 amps @ 28 Volts

Auto (electric eye) and Manual

Internal Storage
1,000 hours, RS232 port (premium only)


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