In order to serve you as accurately and as efficiently as possible, please read the following options carefully.


If you are returning an Electronics International product for a refund or an exchange, you’ll need to call us at (541) 318-6060.  Our friendly staff will take your call, and you won’t have to deal with an automated switchboard.


Roughly 75% of all Electronics International product issues are installation errors and can be resolved through email or a phone call.  Therefore, we highly suggest you contact our offices at (541) 318-6060 or before sending in a product for repair. All products that are received will incur a minimum $65 service fee even if there is no problem found.  If you’re confident you need a repair or have already spoken to an Electronics International staff member, fill out the form below to receive your RMA number.  If no RMA number is marked on the outside of the box containing your returned item it may cause a delay in our being able to contact you.  Click here to see our standard repair costs.

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