SC-5 Local Time View

“Easy installation, lightweight solution. It looks good and is easy to use.  [I chose E.I. because] I needed to replace my old Hobbs meter.  This provided more functionality, allowing me to remove my old digital timer, and EI programmed it to my current airframe time.”

Customer:  Thomas M. from Arizona

Aircraft:  Rutan Model 61 Long-EZ

EI Instrument:  SC-5 Super Clock

Date:  11/20/2023

“Great service. [I replaced/upgraded] unit in aircraft.”

Customer:  Adam M. from NSW, Australia

Aircraft:  Piper PA-28-181 Cherokee

EI Instrument:  VA-1A Volts/Amps Instrument

Date:  11/19/2023

“Customer service always quick and easy. [I chose E.I. because of] price and being recommended by friends.”

Customer:  Kenneth C. from Florida

Aircraft: Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six E

EI Instrument:  CGR-30P Engine Monitor – Premium

Date:  11/18/2023

CGR-30P Basic Engine Monitor

“Installation went great. The Fuel Flow is dead on.”

Customer:  Tyler A. from Tennessee

Aircraft: Piper PA-32RT-300T

EI Instrument:  CGR-30P Engine Monitor – Basic

Date:  11/14/2023

“Sharp-looking gauges. [I chose EI because of your] reputation.”

Customer:  Garrett R. from Alaska

Aircraft:  Beechcraft King Air Model B100

EI Instrument: TR-1-ITT (or EGT or ToT) Turbine Outlet Temperature

Date:  11/14/2023

“A clear capable replacement for a cluster gauge. Vivid colors used which make it easy to see engine status at a glance.”

Customer:  Adam S. from New Zealand

Aircraft: Cessna 172N Skyhawk

EI Instrument:  CGR-30C Cluster Guage Replacement

Date:  11/13/2023

“Love all your products!  Ideally, I replace all my instruments with your products. [I chose your instruments because] they are cleaner and better!”

Customer:  Adam R. from Washington

Aircraft: Piper PA-20 Pacer & Piper PA-22 Pacer

EI Instrument: RS-4-1S (see page 23 of linked Price List)

Date:  11/9/2023

“Great service for Electronics International.  Very helpful with what it needed for my aircraft. My mechanic has installed several of these units and highly recommended this for my aircraft.”

Customer:  Ralph J. from North Carolina

Aircraft:  Cessna 150L

EI Instrument:  MVP-50P Engine Monitor

Date:  11/7/2023

CGR-30P Basic Engine Monitor

“[Customer service] is great!”

Customer:  Paul Z. from Oregon

Aircraft: Cessna 182A Skylane

EI Instrument:  CGR-30P Engine Monitor – Basic

Date:  11/6/2023

“Excellent customer service. Without a doubt the best aviation part I have purchased.”

Customer:  Alan B. from Florida

Aircraft: Reid and Sigrist R.S.1 Snargasher

EI Instrument: R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument

Date:  11/5/2023