MVP-50P Engine Monitor

MVP-50P Engine Monitor

  • Primary Replacement
  • 5.55″ x 5.15″ Flush Mount
  • Engine Analyzer, Primary Engine Gauge Replacement, Fuel Levels And Fuel Flow Totalizer.
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Large High-Resolution Display

  • The MVP-50P incorporates a 5.7” sunlight-readable display.
  • Accurately monitor dozens of engine and system parameters in one location.

Clean Installation

  • MVP-50P mounts flush with the panel, creating a clean panel look and feel.
  • An Engine Data Converter (EDC) accepts all inputs. Only 2 wires run to the back of the instrument.

Designed and Built in the USA

  • Electronics International consistently has been the leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.
  • Accurate, dependable, and easy to use.

Data Recording of Every Flight

  • All monitored functions are stored up to three times per second.
  • Up to 1,500 most recent flights stored, downloaded via a USB port.
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MVP-50P Main Screen

System Screen

The System Screen is intended to display system functions and the configuration of the aircraft.

Flight Data Screens

Add Fuel

  • Set default tank full levels for quick resets when adding fuel
  • Auto-adjust K Factor

Fuel Management

  • Fuel Level Data displays fuel level in each of the tanks
  • Fuel Flow Data is calibrated with the K Factor
  • GPS syncing assists with fuel remaining until next waypoint
  • Fuel reserve information assists the pilot with calculating critical fuel levels


  • Features up, down, and flight timers

Clock and Hour Meters

  • Displays the current date, local time, zulu time, tach time, and engine hours

Weight and Balance

  • Assists pilots with performing the weight and balance calculation for the aircraft


  • Create checklists for any procedure, such as takeoffs, landings, and emergencies
  • Store up to 100 unique, programmable checklists

Data Logs

  • Flight Log – Records the date, start time, flight number, and flight time for each flight
  • Max Log – Records maximum values reached for a pre-set number of functions during the flight, storing up to 500 flights
  • Min Log – Records the minimum values for a pre-set number of functions
  • Start Log – Records each engine start, the date, flight number, minimum bus voltage, start time

Gen Info and Flight Notes

  • Create and store up to 50 custom flight plans and 50 general information screens
  • Each flight plan may include distances, fuel requirements, estimated flight times
  • General information notes may include items to remember such as VFR weather minimums or general airport guidelines

Twin Engine Solution

Two MVP-50Ps provide the ultimate solution for a twin-engine aircraft. The moment an engine problem arises, the MVP display for that engine will display the out-of-limit function and will blink the digital display in the color of its current operating range. This provides immediate recognition of the engine and function that has the problem.

MVP-50P Retail Prices

All Packages Include:


  • MVP-50P Color Display Unit
  • EDC Engine Data Converter
  • Prewired Harness
  • All EGT & CHT Probes and Cables
  • Oil Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Oil Temperature Probe and Cable
  • Fuel Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Fuel Flow Transducer and Cable
  • OAT Probe and Cable
  • Two RPM Pickups and Cables
  • Manifold Pressure Transducer and Cable
  • Shunt (for AMPS) and Cable
  • Volts Pickup
  • 1,000+ Hrs Data Recording
  • USB Memory Stick
  • AL-1R and AL-1Y (External Cautionary and Warning Lights)
  • AV-17 Voice Warning (For Experimentals Only)
  • Annunciator Interface
  • Resistive Fuel Interface






Other Included Functions:

  • Help Screen
  • EGT Differential
  • CHT Differential
  • Shock Cooling
  • Horsepower
  • Weight and Balance Data
  • Weight and Balance Graph
  • GPS Interface and Data
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Used for the Trip
  • Fuel Used Since Fill Up
  • Time to Empty
  • Distance to Empty
  • Fuel to Waypoint
  • Data Recording
  • Time to Waypoint
  • Distance to Waypoint
  • Fuel Reserve
  • Time Reserve
  • Distance Reserve
  • Up Timer
  • Down Timer
  • Flight Timer
  • Tach Timer
  • Engine Hours
  • Date
  • Local Time
  • Zulu Time
  • Voice Warnings (For Experimentals Only)
  • Chelton & GRT Output


MVP-50P Piston Engine Experimental Aircraft Packages

Description Package Retail Price
4-Cylinder Package MVP-50P-4 $5,480
6-Cylinder Package MVP-50P-6 $5,980
4 or 6-Cylinder FADEC Aerosance Package MVP-50P-4/6-FADEC $5,180
7-Cylinder Radial Package MVP-50P-7-P $5,880
8-Cylinder Air-Cooled Package (two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-8 $6,680
8-Cylinder Water-Cooled Package (two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-8W $5,680
9-Cylinder Radial Package (two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-9 $6,680
12-Cylinder Water Cooled Package (Thunder Mustang, two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-12W $5,780


MVP-50P Piston Engine Certified Aircraft Packages

Description Package Retail Price
4-Cylinder Package MVP-50P-4-C $6,480
6-Cylinder Package MVP-50P-6-C $6,980
8-Cylinder Package (two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-8-C $7,680
9-Cylinder Package (two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-9-C $7,980
Twin 4-Cylinder Package (two MVP-50P packages, two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-4T-C $13,180
Twin 6-Cylinder Package (two MVP-50P packages, two EDC-33Ps) MVP-50P-6T-C $14,180

MVP-50P Specifications

5.55″ W x 5.15″ H x 2.4″ D

1.9 Pounds (Instrument Only)

Power Requirements
7.5 to 30 Volts
Typical: 0.2 amps @ 12 Volts, 0.1 amps @ 24 Volts

Active Matrix, Sunlight Readable

Fully Dimmable for Night Flights

USB Port
Data Download and Software Updates

Internal Storage
Up to 1,500 most recent flights stored. All monitored functions are stored up to three times per second. Recorded flight data can be easily downloaded via USB port.


  • FAA STC’d as Primary Replacement
  • FAA TSO’d to DO-160G
  • FAA DO-178 Level C
  • Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Validated STC
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Validated STC

All MVP orders are laid out by Electronics International’s FAA DER

Engine Data Converter (EDC-33P) Specifications

5.85” x 3.71” x 2.35” Deep

1 Pound

Power Requirements
7.5 to 30 Volts, Typical: 0.1 Amps

FAA TSO’d to DO-160G and DO-178 Level C

Internal Storage
1 Volt Channel, 1 Amp Channel, 1 Fuel Flow Channel, 6 Pressure Channels, 17 Temp Channels, 4 Resistive Fuel Level Channels, 4 Capacitive Fuel Level Channels and 2 RPM Channels

MVP-50P Instrument Videos

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