R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument

R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument


  • Primary Replacement
  • 2 1/4″ Flush Mount (3 1/8″ Adaptor Plate Available)
  • Displays Accurate RPM Measurement In Digital And Analog Format.
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R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument

FAA Approved

  • FAA STC’d, TSO’d as a Primary Replacement.
  • Replace your existing tachometer.

Quick, Yet Stable Readings

  • Proprietary algorithms ensure the RPM reading is rock solid.
  • The fully backlit digital display allows for quick interpretations.

Accurate, Dependable & Easy To Use

  • Electronics International consistently has been a leader in digital engine instrumentation since 1979.

R-1 Overview

R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument Overview Diagram

Retail Prices

Included in the package:

  • R-1 Instrument
  • RPM Isolators
  • A-102 3 1/8″ Adaptor Plate
  • RC-1 Tach Cable Port Cover
  • Wire Harness
  • Installation/Operating Instructions
  • STC

Note: order must specify range markings. See R-1 Configuration Worksheet in our downloads section for more information.

R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument
DescriptionPackageRetail Price
R-1 PackageR-1$700

Lead Time:
Usually ships within 3-5 business days.


2.50” H x 2.50″ W x 3.65″ D , 2 1/4” Flush Mount

10 oz (Instrument Only)

Power Requirements
7.5 to 35 Volts, Typical: 0.3 amps @ 12 Volts


  • Viewable in direct and indirect sunlight.
  • 270 degree analog arc for quick reference.

Fully backlit and dimmable for night flights.


“The [unit] is easy to read and quick to respond. I have multiple EI units and have had good experiences with all.”

Customer:  Thomas C. from Maine

Aircraft:  Maule M-5-235C Luna Rocket

EI Instrument: R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument

“I won a FP-[5]L and had it installed in my c150. I was/am impressed with the accuracy and ease of operation of the FP. I wanted a new tach and I trust (and verified) that the EI R-1… would be my best choice. I am not a rich man. These instruments are affordable and incredibly accurate. Already planning my next buy from EI.”

Customer:  Charles M. from South Dakota

Aircraft:  Cessna 150F

EI Instrument: R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument

“Electronics International is an exceptional company with exceptional products… Oregon company, great products and great people.”

Customer:  Eric O. from Oregon

Aircraft:  Cessna 150F

EI Instrument: R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument

“The tach looks and operates amazing. Extremally accurate.”

Customer:  Russ A. from Colorado

Aircraft:  Cessna 150K

EI Instrument: R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument

“Looks great. Works great.”

Customer:  Stephan W. N. from Texas

Aircraft:  Cessna 177 Cardinal

EI Instrument:  R-1 RPM Tachometer Instrument


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