Turboprop Engine Instruments

The most reliable in the industry – EI TurboProp engine instruments protect your uptime and budget.


You fly.  We’ll watch your engine.


The premium in glass-paneled technology, built to give you freedom to fly more and scan less. Without question, the MVP-50P is the industry’s finest engine analyzer and systems monitor, hands down. Electronics International has redefined what an engine analyzer should be with the full color, glass-paneled, completely customizable MVP-50T.

MVP-50T Features:

  • Reliable, accurate, dependable
  • Decreased AOG
  • Data recording for Trend Analysis
  • FAA TSO’d & STC’d
MVP-50T Engine Monitor for Turboprops/Jets

TR-1 Instruments

TQ, ITT, NP, NG, + More

Reliable, affordable, and fits into any standard 2” inch round. Monitor your engine with precise feedback.  Many functions available.

TR-1 Features:

  • Reliable, accurate, dependable
  • Competitive Price: Only $985 – $1,485
  • Standard 2″ Round
  • FAA TSO’d


Volts and Amps

The VA-1A provides pilots with precision volts and amps. A “High Volts ” alarm will alert you of a high voltage situation, and the “Discharge” will alert you when your battery is running low on power.

VA-1A Features:

  • Competitive Price: Only $300-$400
  • FAA STC’d
  • Primary Replacement

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Built In America

“We design and build all our products in America. This gives us exceptional quality control from the design through every level of production. I wouldn’t sell something I wouldn’t put in my own plane”

Ron Roberts, CEO of E.I.

Landing Safely with EI Instruments




All of E.I.’s instruments and accessories are in complete compliance with FAA-standards.




At E.I., customer support is a top priority. If you have questions or concerns regarding troubleshooting, installation or operation of your E.I. engine instrument/accessories, we’re here to help.

Airplane Panel With MVP-50Ps